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Getting in the Game Book


by Matt Crowley


“If I had the information contained in the book earlier in my entrepreneurial career, I would have saved myself years of pain, lost investment and lots of disappointment. It should be mandatory reading and studying for all people who are getting into the game.”


Barbara Valentine, President
Muzar Entertainment

Guiding Your Start-Up Through the World of Venture Capital and Angel Investors, Second Edition

Matthew Crowley's new book teaches you how to successfully build and finance your startup based on his 24 years of experience managing over $6 billion in corporate finance experience.​​​

Getting in the Game is geared towards explaining in simple terms what an entrepreneur needs to know about challenging concepts.

  • ​​Figuring out your company's value

  • Understanding and building capitalization tables

  • Why venture capitalists and angels think the way they do

  • When bad things happen to good startups

  • Investor Presentations

  • Managing intellectual property

  • Navigating through the term sheet negotiation

  • Establishing and managing boards

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